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Accommodation in Apolda

In Apolda direct contact to Hotels, Pensions, Flats, Apartments and Guest Rooms.
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Overview of the listed accommodations 
Pension Wunderlich
99510 Apolda, Dornsgasse 10   [Map] [Page]  (03644) 55 56 94
Hotel Cafe Hoyer
99510 Apolda, Ilmenauer Strasse 5   [Map] [Page]  (036462) 320 02
OT: Oberroßla
Apartments   Cafe  
Hotel Weimarer Berg
99510 Apolda, Am Weimarer Berg 7   [Map] [Page]  (03644) 505 20
Hotel am Schloß Apolda
99510 Apolda, Jenaer Straße 2   [Map] [Page]  (03644) 58 00
Apartment   Restaurant  
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Kreisstadt Apolda:

Bundesland:  Thüringen  
District:  Weimarer Land
License Plate:  AP
Number of inhabitants:  about 23.000
Apolda-Transport  Transport in Apolda 
What transport connections are there in Apolda?
For example important train and bus stations in Apolda and in the surrounding area. 

Apolda-Wikipedia  Apolda-Wiki Information 
What is there in Apolda and what may be interesting to know?
More information about the positioned location:   Apolda  

Current News   Current Regional News from Apolda 
What's going on in Apolda? Read the latest news of the regional newspapers.
Daily news from regional newspapers ( Apolda ):   Thüringen 24, Thüringer Allgemeine  

Apolda-Weather  Wether in Apolda 
How will be the weather? Current regional weather data - weather preview with optional wether-webcam.
Information about the weather at the location:   Apolda  

Apolda-Museums  Museums in the district town Apolda 
Museums in the vicinity of the accommodations residence and in the region. 

Apolda-Pictures  Apolda Pictures 
Pictures:  Apolda and surroundings. 


List of Towns with Properties

KM) Center distance as the crow flies to • Apolda.
E-Tsd.) Number of inhabitants in thousand.
a) Price level: 1:Low to 5:High
b) Culture level: A:High to E:Low
c) Family level: a:High to e:Low
Number of accommodation offers: Town (xx)
km  E-Tsd. abc)   Name
23 2 C c   » Apolda  (4)
12 2 1 D c   Bad Sulza  (8)
13 <0 2 D a   Dorndorf-Steudnitz  (1)
13 65 2 B b   Weimar  (35)

to b) Cultural and tourist level of a town or place.
to c) The family level results from child- and family-oriented cultural and accommodation offers at the host town. 
All ratings are based on the currently available data. Valuations currently still without situation evaluation. 


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