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Travel Ideas for Germany

Travel ideas for the holidays or short vacation in Germany can be found at the bottom of this page.


City Trips

Combining a city trip with a short vacation is very popular and promises a versatile tourist experience. Not only the big cities such as Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig and Munich are on the top popularity list but also on the many smaller cities with historical attractions and cities with an extraordinary flair or an attractive location - these for example: Bamberg, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Heidelberg, Marburg, Regensburg, Schwerin, Ulm.  

City Trips are also easy to organise yourself. Here is an important topic:   Finding the right accommodation. supports you in your search for accommodation by direct contact to your hosts, in order, for example, to be able to clarify detailed questions directly and quickly.  

Hotels, Pensions and Apartments in the big German Cities you can find here:  City Trips  

For a Group Trip with many participants please look here:  City Trip with Group  


Holidays in the Countryside

Fresh country air, grazing animals and cereal fields await the guests during a holiday in the countryside. Especially for families with children from urban surroundings this is an attractive offer, there is a lot for children to discover and a lot of new experiences to make. In addition, guest farmhouses generally offer low-priced accommodation for families in family rooms, apartments or holidy flats.  

Attractive for parents and children are also horse riding centres, which enable the supervised riding and handling of horses.  

In the southern regions of Germany, vineyards and winegrowing offer the following alternatives also family accommodation in the vineyards.  



Travelling with the Family

When family travel with children there is a lot to think about. On the one hand, adventures, actions and fun should be included in the journey, on the other hand also as little stress and as much recovery as possible. In order to bring all this into harmony, there are natural landscapes, the proximity to animals, a stay at the sea or in a sea area. Places with amusement parks or swimming pools are always attractive for children. There is a lot of exercise and to see on bike tours along the big rivers. Also a holiday in the mountains and lodging in a mountain lodge offers an exceptional travel experience for adults and children.  

What's more, child-friendly accommodation and child-friendly local environments are important. As a rule, this is offered in particular accommodation in youth hostels, nature lovers' houses, farms and some monasteries.  



Places with Amusement Parks and Swimming Pools

The big leisure parks, adventure parks and fun pools are not only popular with children. They offer attractions and are anxious to keep you in a good mood. Thus ideal places in particular for families with children for a few overnights in the proximity or even a day visit.  


Holidays at the Sea

A popular destination in the summer months for holidays and short-term stays are the coasts and islands in North Sea and Baltic Sea. Some travel consciously to the coast at winter time and enjoy the beach and the sea to share with only a few other vacationers. In the summer time it is advisable to take care of a suitable accommodation in time because of the great demand. In the wintertime it is not easy to find accommodation by the sea, as some of the Coast hotels and guesthouses are closed. The mid-seasons, however, usually don't cause big problems in finding accommodation. In addition, in the early and late seasons as well as in winter, the accommodation prices are usually significantly lower.  



Vacation at the Lake

Very similar to the sea, in the summer months, many of the general known and popular lake areas tourists numerous and extensive. Accommodation in these highly demanded months must be taken care of in good time. There are however also sea areas - in particular in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - whose lakeshores are largely free. are from a built-up area and only a few tourists as well as residents have a whole lake with a lot nature area around it for themselves alone. Well-known and highly frequented lakes in Germany are: Lake Constance, Lake Chiemsee, Lake Müritzsee, Lake Königssee and Lake Edersee. These lakes with their accommodations and also the lake areas with little tourism can be found on the pages of the following links.  



Holidays in the Mountains

A classic season and high season in the mountains is the winter season with skiing, tobogganing and the pleasure of the white winter landscape. In spring, summer and autumn the mountains invite you to hike, climb, mountain bike and look far away. A practical accommodation especially in remote mountain regions offer mountain lodges. So the mountain worlds are a possible destination for any season. Corresponding quarters exist for these purposes and in all price categories even in the highest locations and most remote places.  



Travelling in Nature

Natural landscapes and scenic areas are almost on every doorstep or not too far away. Possibilities to get closer to Nature during holiday or short holiday, for example offer guest farms and wineries, panorama hotels and remote mountain lodges, the Halligen in the North Sea and lonely forest pensions and farmhouses in pastures and heathlands. Many of the mentioned more or less remote quarters do not only offer nature experiences, but all this also at reasonable prices. The panorama hotels, however, are usually highly comfortable and accordingly expensive. For hikes in the mountains, mountain lodges offer practical and cheap accommodation. The Naturfreundehäuser are particularly cheap and often situated in the middle of nature, which are particularly suitable for travel groups.  



Wellness, Spa and Baths

There are a number of great hotels with a wide range of programs wellness and Spa. The overnight prices of these hotels are usually in the upper price segment. For all recreation seekers, the classic bathing places also offer a wide program in recreation and health. Among the bath places also the state capital of Hessen can be counted Wiesbaden. Alone in the inner city there are 14 hot thermal sources, some of which have already been counted by the Romans were used for their therms and thermal baths. Wiesbaden can be associated with city break, wellness and history in one trip.  

A listing of Bathing places - such as Bad Doberan - can be found in the A-Z places listing on the accommodation page.  



Sport Tourists

You can jog and move anywhere. However, some hotels and places offer special leisure offers for sports and athletics. Specialized in the topic Sport are the Sporthotels with a generally broad Sport- and Accommodation-offer. In some places by the sea, lakes or rivers there are opportunities for water sports such as Sailing, Surfing or Rowing. Hall pools for swimming are available in all larger towns and even in some hotels. Special sports offers such as riding or golf are found on riding farms and at golf hotels.  



Bike Tours

Especially in spring and autumn cycling tours along the river courses are popular with cyclists. The longest cycle paths along rivers in Germany are the Rhine cycle path, Danube cycle path and Elbe cycle path. For find Accommodation, the cycling paths are divided into stages and the paths close to them are hotels and pensions are listed according to the stages. The Accommodation providers on these partly highly frequented routes are often equipped for a reception of cyclists and may also offer special discounts and appropriate accommodation for cyclists.  



Group Trips

To find the right group accommodation for a journey in a small or large group and to reconcile the different ideas is not always easy. For hiking groups, cycling groups, youth groups, and for school classes there are usually youth hostels, nature friends houses and other group accommodation specialized houses the first choice. Frequently also questions of the catering are with group journeys an important topic - not only with school classes. Exceptional group accommodation are sometimes found in monasteries and not only for hiking and pilgrimage groups. In addition, there are some youth hostels in old castles, especially in the Middle Rhine and in Rhineland-Palatinate.  



Romantic Travel

A romantic journey for two into a lovely landscape or the lodging in a castle hotel or castle hotel or both: lovely landscape and pridely accommodation. All this is possible in many variations. When finding accommodation almost all Castle Hotels and Chateau Hotels are listed from Germany and - as with all other accommodation providers - can be requested directly. You can get an authentic impression of the castles and palaces via a direct link on the websites of Castle- und Palace Hotels. As an alternative to castles and palaces, here are the Panorama Hotels with romantic distant views into the landscape.  

A short holiday or weekend at a castle or in a palace is usually located in the upper price segment, but there are a few exceptions. These are the youth hostels in castles and some Castle hotels and Chateau hotels in peripheral locations, particularly in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Rhineland-Palatinate and the Bavarian Forest.  



Art and Culture Tours

On the one hand there are in cities and also small places Art Hotels or Kunst-Hotels in different variants, on the other hand, many places have a more or less large offer of art halls and museums with a corresponding culture- and educational offer. Some art hotels and art guesthouses have changing exhibitions, art studios and even handicraft workshops. The number of museums and art halls is huge in Germany and ranges from small museums of local history to the major national museums and art galleries. There are also a number of great cultural and historical monuments in scenic locations. For many people interested in culture, the topics Travel, Art, Culture and Education are certainly of interest a stay in Weimar at the top of the favourites list. offers for the search of specialized topics of museums and local attractions the possibility of a detailed search with many variants. In addition, on the accommodation pages under the accommodation hit lists, the links to the information dialogs with numerous museums and attractions of a city or the local county.  



Artist Colonies

Many of the artist colonies known today developed at the end of the 19th century. Artists in search of alternative forms of life, inspiration and motifs lived and worked for years in mostly isolated, insignificant villages and thus unintentionally made these places many years later into of all known holy pilgrimage sites. Were the physically hard working villagers of those days certainly rather skeptical of these easy-going idealists, painters, poets and theorists, so today their descendants may be interested in the interest in these former artist-colonies and the many culture tourists please. That shows: Art can also be a very effective and sustainable economic factor.  

The best known artist villages from this period are:
Wiki Ahrenshoop :  Fishing village at the Baltic Sea coast, Darß/Fischland, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
Wiki Mathildenhöhe :  Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt, Hesse.
Wiki Murnau am Staffelsee :  A place at the Staffelsee in Upper Bavaria, Landkreis Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria.
Wiki Willingshausen :  Village in the Schwalm-Eder district of North Hesse, Hesse.
Wiki Worpswede :  Village in the Teufelsmoor near Bremen, Landkreis Osterholz, Lower Saxony.  



Reflective short Vacation

Just take a time out once and retreat to a place of silence. For this purpose, monasteries that offer accommodation in their guesthouses are certainly best suited. These mostly historically significant buildings of faith and spirituality are also frequently located in a scenic environment. The monastery kitchen provides for the physical well-being during the stay.  

An alternative to a stay in a monastery may be a short leave on a hallig. The Hallig Hooge near the island of Pellworm in Schleswig-Holstein is a secluded area in the North Frisian Wadden Sea. Small pensions offer relatively inexpensive accommodation on the salt marshes surrounding Hallig-Warften.  



Extraordinary Places

For a exceptional short vacation in Germany a stay at a exceptional place in a geographical exceptional location or with another unique feature is surely a good option.  

This exceptional offer places like the Zugspitze, the Brocken plateau in the Resin, a hallig in the Schleswig-Holstein North Sea and the darkiest place in Germany in the federal state Brandenburg. In all these places lodging are usually possible at any time of the year.



Travelling with Dog

When travelling with one dog or another pet special challenges arise when searching for a suitable accommodation. Especially smokers with dogs have a hard time in this respect and with a smoking dog, it's almost impossible to find welcome accommodation. As a rule, the accompaniment of pets must be clarified with the hosts at the time of reservation, even if they allow the accompaniment by pets in principle. Arriving with an unannounced animal companion can lead to unpleasant surprises.  

To help you find a Hotel, a Pension or other Accommodation with Pets-Welcome you can find the appropriate accommodation offers at Find Accommodation. These accommodations are listed according to the choice of city or county. You can then contact the desired host directly by direct contact.  



Business Trips

Business travellers often looking for accommodation near their place of work and also especially for longer stays over weeks or months a favorable apartment or a favorable temporary holiday apartment. offers accommodation to those who are looking for occupational accommodation and favorable accommodation for their occupational stay. Germany-wide corresponding specialized accommodations for Interim Homes: craftsmen, trade fair employees, business travellers, new employees in probation period. In a direct contact to the accommodation providers availability and accommodation details can be clarified.  



Event Tourists

You are looking for a concert or theatre visit or a festival participation in another city or in the countryside? A favorable accommodation for one night or a few nights in a hotel or in a pension. Find accommodation offers Germanywide corresponding accommodation. You can easily and quickly contact the accommodation providers directly, to reserve a room or apartment at the event location for the desired time.  



Translation with Deepl

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