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Interim Homes in Germany

Staying on time in Germany - accommodation on time in apartments, flats, rooms for interim rentals - from one month and longer.
In the accommodation lists of www.Finde-Unterkunft.de you will find rooms and apartments that are especially for interim rentals offered - with appropriate conditions.

Big Cities
Interim Rentals in Berlin
Capital Berlin
Cheap Apartments and Rooms
Interim Homes in Berlin: Rooms and apartments for your long time stay
[Info] 10118 Berlin
Interim Rentals in Bremen
Hanseatic City Bremen
For the Long-time Accommodation
Interim Homes in Bremen: Rooms and apartments for your long time stay
[Info] Bremen Centre
Interim Rentals in Dortmund
Dortmund Stay
Accommodation for a Long-time-stay
Interim Homes in Dortmund: Apartments and cheap guest rooms for business and study stays
[Info] Dortmund Centre
Interim Rentals in Dresden
Dresden Rooms
For Job and Study Temporary Residence
Interim Homes in Dresden: Apartments and cheap rooms for a long-term stay also in hotels and guesthouses
[Info] Dresden Old Town
Interim Rentals in Duisburg
Duisburg Interim Stay
In the Ruhr City for Long-time-stay
Interim Homes in Duisburg: Cheap apartments and rooms for temporary loging also in hotels and guesthouses
[Info] Duisburg Centre
Interim Rentals in Düsseldorf
Dusseldorf Apart
In the State Capital for Long-time stay
Interim Homes in Düsseldorf: Apartments and flats for time-shift - lodging also in Dusseldorf boarding houses and hotels
[Info] Dusseldorf Centre
Interim Rentals in Essen
Flats in Essen
In the Ruhr-City Interim-Homes
Interim Homes in Essen: Cheap apartments and rooms also in guesthouses, hotels and boarding houses
[Info] Essen Central
Interim Rentals in Frankfurt am Main
Long-Stay in Frankfurt
In the Main City Interim-Rentals
Frankfurt am Main
Interim Homes in Frankfurt am Main: In Frankfurt am Main apartments and rooms for business stays - also in hotels or boarding houses
[Info] Frankfurt am Main
Interim Rentals in Hamburg
Port of Hamburg
Long-term stay in the Hanseatic city
Interim Homes in Hamburg: Business stays - Apartments, studios and rooms near the harbour and also in the surrounding
[Info] Hamburg on the Elbe
Interim Rentals in Hannover
Hannover - Trade Fair
Accommodation for the long-term stay
Interim Homes in Hannover: In the trade fair city of Hanover and the surrounding area of Hanover - Interim homes
[Info] Hannover Centre
Interim Rentals in Cologne
Cologne Apartments
Long-time-Stay in the Cathedral City
Interim Homes in Cologne: On the Rhine - stay for work or studies also in cheap hotels, hostels or pensions
[Info] Cologne on Rhine
Interim Rentals in Leipzig
Leipzig for Long Time
In the Fair City Interim Homes
Interim Homes in Leipzig: Stay for long time in the fair city - stay also in suitable hotels and pensions
[Info] Leipzig Centre
Interim Rentals in Munich
Munich Apartments
Apartments for Long-time-stay
Interim Homes in Munich: Stay for a while in Munich - also in suitable hotels and guesthouses in the surrounding area
[Info] Munich on the Stachus
Interim Rentals in Nuremberg
Nuremberg Apart
Cheap Apartments and Rooms
Interim Homes in Nuremberg: Stay on time - also in suitable hotels, guesthouses and apartment houses in the surrounding area
[Info] Nuremberg Centre
Interim Rentals in Stuttgart
Live in Stuttgart
Long-term professional stay
Interim Homes in Stuttgart: Professional stay in the Car-City - also in suitable hotels, guesthouses and apartment houses
[Info] Stuttgart City
Interim Homes:
For all those looking for a furnished accommodation for interim homes for professional or personal reasons, please contact our service on your search for Apartment, Guest Room or Apartment for long term rental for months helpful assistance.

Rental prices in the big cities:
In recent years, the prices for rented apartments have been known to increase significantly. Therefore, in cities like Berlin , Hamburg , Cologne or Munich it is almost illusory, an apartment with monthly rental at less than 600, - EUR per month. In the meantime, even simple guest rooms reach this price level. For 2-room holiday apartments for two or more persons, a monthly rental fee of sometimes well over 900, - EUR can be expected.

Search in surroundings :
As a rule, the prices for corresponding accommodations of the long-term rental in the surrounding area are favorable to look at. The price of accommodation on time is often based on the quality of public transport connections to the city. Unsurprisingly, the farther from the city and the less favorable the connection, the lower is the rental price for a flat-on-time .

Collective Email:
For places with more than four accommodation offers, you can receive an email with accommodation offers - Interim Homes.

Direct Brokerage:
For Berlin and Potdam we offer a direct placement service for the interim rentals from three months.

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