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Test-Hotel TageBuch with Occupancy Plan variants
Test Hotel - Houses Daybook, DaysRequest and MonthRequest

Our hotel with the three houses TageBuch, AnfrageBuch and MonatAnfrage is located in the urban area of Berlin.

The house TageBuch can be booked per occupancy plan directly.

For the Haus TageAnfrage reservation request can be sent to us via allocation plan.

For the house monthly request - living on time - can be sent via occupancy plan reservation requests to us.

Listing of houses: here

Test-Notel for Online-Reservations
Our test houses offer comfortable booking and request convenience through the occupancy plan variants and are ideal for mobile use.

Accommodation comfort for customers and everyone involved.

Test-Notel for Online-Reservations
Test-Notel for Online-Reservations
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The Test Hotel

The rooms and apartments of the three houses of the test hotel can be requested or booked online directly using the occupancy plan .

  • House TageBuch :
    Our house TageBuch offers the possibility to book online directly to .

  • House DaysRequest :
    Our house TageAnfrage offers the possibility to request rooms online.

  • House Month Inquiry :
    Our house monthly request offers the possibility to request apartments for a long-term stay online.


For all three houses, availability is shown in an allocation plan online and reservations or inquiries can be sent by the customer.

Test-Notel for Online-Reservations

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